Laundry Services

Let us pick up your dirty laundry, sort it, pre-treat stains, wash, dry, fold and deliver back to you in one neat, easy package.

Soft wash (Dry Cleaning)

Your expensive garments need extra care; and we ensure the same.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is a specialized service and we undertake the same with utmost care.


Established in 2019, Laundrolyx & Scullery Systems Private Limited aims to be Turnkey Solutions Provider (TSP) in B2B segment as well as to be crafter for franchisee model Self Processing Units in B2C segment of commercial laundry. It aims to supply commercial laundry equipment for Self Serviced Coin/ Card laundry establishments (Laundromats) through Franchisee Model as well as for On Premise Laundry Operations (OPLs) in Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Nursing Homes, Old Aged Homes, Pharma Manufacturing Units, Country Clubs, Saloons, Prisons, Urban Dwellings (Big Housing Complexes), and other facilities where laundry services are needed.

How It Works: in 4 Easy Steps

Our Approach

We are committed for hygienic and affordable laundry services; We develop sustainable and profitable business models for franchisees; We craft and design world class Laundry Set-up for B2B segment - Hotels, Hospitals etc..