Multi Housing Society's Laundromat

WE CLEAN (L & S Systems) offers On Premise Laundry services to Multi Housing Societies (MHS) for providing laundry solutions for them, namely MHSL - Multi Housing Society's Laundromat. We are committed for establishing successful partnerships with Multi Housing Societies by fully understanding the specific needs of each multi housing society. We deliver superior laundry solutions with built around:

  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Automated payment system
  • Sustainability

Our specialization ensures that MHSL will receive the best laundry solution, outfitted with high quality, energy efficient and technologically advanced equipment maintained by certified L & S Systems service field engineers.

Our ability to deliver customized common area laundry rooms gives MHSL the flexibility to select from the most technologically advanced equipment and services available. As the leader in technology integration and support, we offer a variety of payment and auditing options to not only make it easy for residents to use the Laundromat but for MHSL to keep track of the revenue.

Because we understand the importance of accountability and profitability for Multi Housing Society’s developers, we have developed technologically advanced, comprehensive auditing and reporting services for our partner Real Estate Developers. Our system allows Resident Welfare Association to monitor machine cycles, coin collection, and card use and reconcile these figures with actual collection totals. We deliver monthly collection reports detailing itemized sales activity by machines , compare counter readings with revenue collected and provide written explanation why usage readings may not match collections. These monthly financial reports provide an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of Multi Housing Society Laundromat program and its profitability.

A well designed Multi Housing Society Laundromat program would not only ease the life of residents from the daily hassle of outsourcing laundry but also create delight for them. We understand the challenges of ever evolving needs of multi housing society and tailor our laundry program as per the current trends and requirement.