Turnkey Services Provider

L & S Systems provides consultation services to set up Laundry Plants as TSP partner. We take a comprehensive approach in assessing the processing environment and requirement of the project, ensuring seamless functioning of the plant. With our expertise and access to high-end technology, we guide in putting up an efficient laundry for the facility. Our complete laundry plant solutions include:

  • a. Design (site survey, layout and associated planning)
  • b. Selection of Laundry Equipment
  • c. Selection of allied equipment like Boiler, Air Compressor, ETP plant etc.
  • d. Installation
  • e. Commissioning
  • f. Training
  • g. Layout for services like Plumbing, Cabling, HVAC, ETP, Dosing systems etc
  • h. Annual Maintenance Contract.

Our TSP services are for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Hostels, Railways, Pharma factories, Clubs, Prisons, Old Aged Homes etc to help them to have their owned On Premise Laundry.